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AlBaik Madinah – Fast Food Restaurant Menu Price & Deals 2024

FoodAlBaik Madinah - Fast Food Restaurant Menu Price & Deals 2024

Albaik Madinah is not just a fast-food restaurant; it’s an institution. When it comes to Albaik Broast Price, variety, and taste, this iconic eatery in Madinah stands unmatched, as many in Madinah and beyond would agree.

🍽️ Albaik Broast Price

Despite the presence of renowned fast-food giants like Hardees and KFC in Madinah, Albaik Madinah continues to shine bright. The enduring popularity of Albaik Madinah is unmistakable, with long queues often seen winding through its reception area. Interestingly, the queue for women is typically shorter, making it convenient for families. To avoid the rush, consider sending a female family member to place and collect the orders.

Changes in Dining Experience

Before the onset of the Corona Pandemic, Albaik Madinah used to offer family rooms for dine-in patrons. However, due to current circumstances, these family rooms are temporarily closed, and only takeout services are available.

🍝Albaik Menu with Price

Albaik Madinah‘s menu boasts a diverse selection of fast-food delights, ranging from Albaik Broast Price to burgers, fish nuggets, crispy prawns, breakfast items, and a variety of beverages. Furthermore, they have introduced several new items, such as the falafel sandwich and Baikeez.

Menu Item Price (SAR)
Albaik Chicken 16
Chicken Fillet 17
Shrimp Meal 21
Fish Meal 19
Mixed Meal 20
Nuggets Meal 18
Family Meal (8 pcs) 78
Family Meal (12 pcs) 108
French Fries (small) 5
French Fries (large) 9
Soft Drinks (can) 4
Soft Drinks (bottle) 6
Mineral Water (small) 2
Mineral Water (large) 3

Exploring Albaik Broast Price and More

Albaik Broast Price options come in various sizes, including half-meals with 4 pieces in both spicy and non-spicy variants, as well as full meal packs containing 8 pieces. For a family of 2 adults and 2 children, three half-meal packs are usually more than sufficient. Each half-meal pack includes crispy fries, a bun, and two servings of Albaik’s famous garlic sauce and ketchup. On request, Albaik’s staff often provides additional buns and garlic sauce at no extra cost. These items can also be purchased separately if needed.

It’s essential to note that Albaik’s half and full meal packs are exclusively available within the city and not on highways connecting Madinah to Makkah or Madinah to Jeddah. Over the years, prices have gradually increased due to inflation. Formerly priced at 12 SAR about seven years ago, a half meal pack now costs 17 SAR due to the implementation of a 15 percent VAT. A full meal pack is priced at 33 SAR.

Introducing Baikeez: Albaik Madinah Menu Delights

Albaik has recently introduced a new addition to their menu called BAIKEEZ, which can be seen as a subcategory of their half meal Albaik Broast. A BAIKEEZ pack comprises 5 medium broast pieces of chicken thigh, accompanied by a bun, fries, and garlic sauce, all for a reasonable price of 12 SAR.

In addition to their culinary offerings, if you’re looking for affordable hotels in Madinah or seeking the best food experiences in the city, Albaik should be your top choice.

🥢Discovering Albaik Madinah Deals 2024🍚

Experience the unmatched taste and service of Albaik Madinah, a culinary delight you won’t want to miss. Explore the exquisite Albaik Madinah Menu and savor the irresistible Albaik Broast Price, a combination that keeps diners coming back for more.

Deal Price (SAR)
Chicken Meal (2 pcs) 10
Family Meal (12 pcs) 108
Nuggets Meal 18
Shrimp Meal 21
Chicken Fillet 17
Albaik Chicken 16
French Fries (small) 5
Soft Drinks (can) 4
Mineral Water (small) 2
Chicken Meal (2 pcs) + Fries (small) + Soft Drink (can) 14

🍝 Albaik Restaurants Locations in Madinah 📍

Branch Name Address Street Zip Code Location
Albaik Al-Khansa Prince Majed St., Al-Khansa District Prince Majed St. 42314 See Map
Albaik Al-Salam Al-Salam St., Al-Salam District Al-Salam St. 42314 See Map
Albaik Al-Zahra Saad Bin Obadah St., Al-Zahra District Saad Bin Obadah St. 42323 See Map
Albaik Al-Noor King Abdulaziz Rd., Al-Noor District King Abdulaziz Rd. 42311 See Map
Albaik Al-Jamia Umm Al-Qura St., Al-Jamia District Umm Al-Qura St. 42311 See Map
Albaik Al-Rusaifah Salah Al-Deen Al-Ayyubi Rd., Al-Rusaifah Salah Al-Deen Al-Ayyubi Rd. 42311 See Map

Albaik Madinah Opening & Close Timing

Location Opening Time Closing Time
Albaik Central Area 10:00 AM 2:00 AM
Albaik Al-Noor 10:00 AM 2:00 AM
Albaik Al-Salam 10:00 AM 2:00 AM
Albaik Al-Jamiah 10:00 AM 2:00 AM
Albaik Al-Aqiq 10:00 AM 2:00 AM
Albaik Al-Hamra 10:00 AM 2:00 AM
Albaik Al-Rowda 10:00 AM 2:00 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the history behind Albaik Madinah’s success?
    • Discover the fascinating journey that led to Albaik’s iconic status in Madinah and beyond.
  2. Can you tell me more about Albaik’s special garlic sauce?
    • Learn about the secret recipe behind Albaik’s famous garlic sauce and why it’s a must-try.
  3. Are there any vegetarian options on the Albaik menu?
    • Explore the vegetarian offerings at Albaik, including the delightful falafel sandwich.
  4. What are the current Albaik Broast prices in Madinah?
    • Get up-to-date information on the prices of Albaik Broast in Madinah and how they’ve evolved over the years.
  5. Do they offer any special deals or promotions for families?
    • Find out if Albaik has family-friendly promotions or deals to make dining there even more enjoyable.
  6. How can I locate the nearest Albaik restaurant in Madinah?
    • Discover the different Albaik locations in Madinah and their proximity to popular landmarks like Masjid Nabawi.
  7. What safety measures has Albaik implemented during the pandemic?
    • Learn about the steps Albaik has taken to ensure the safety of its customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  8. Can I order Albaik for delivery, and what’s the process?
    • Understand how you can enjoy Albaik’s delicious offerings through delivery services and any associated procedures.
  9. Are there any unique or seasonal items on the Albaik menu?
    • Find out if Albaik introduces special items during certain seasons or occasions and what they might be.
  10. Does Albaik accommodate dietary restrictions or special requests?
    • Learn if Albaik can accommodate specific dietary needs or if they accept custom orders.

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