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Star, Actor, Singer: John Patrick Ruffo aka Johnny Ruffo Dies after Battling with Brain Cancer for Six Years

WorldStar, Actor, Singer: John Patrick Ruffo aka Johnny Ruffo Dies after Battling with Brain Cancer for Six Years

Johnny Ruffo has died at the age of just 35 years. He was a young enthusiast as he was both a TV celebrity and an Australian Singer. He got famous early in 2011 when he got on the TV show “The X Factor”. Then he shifted to singing after his successful days at “The X Factor”. He released solo songs and made his name in the music industry. After that, he appeared on several TV shows as he gained popularity among the masses in Australia. Everything was good until the day he suffered from a migraine. He went through surgery. Soon he found out that he had Brain Cancer, and he had very little time to live. Eventually, on November 10, 2023, he passed away.


Ruffo in The X Factor

Johnny Ruffo first auditioned for the show X Factor Australia in 2011. He auditioned solo as a singer and dancer. He got much fame and support from the fans. He went ahead and kept on going till the final and got third place. He was famous by then, so he started to sing songs of his own. 



Johnny then started recording songs and stepped into the music industry. This step proved successful as he got much love and popularity due to his songs. He sang songs that attracted the local population which were the Australians. He used to write and compose catchy songs following the listeners. 


Ruffo in TV

Johnny expanded his career by stepping into the television industry. He went on to become a contestant in the show “Dancing with the Stars” in the year 2012 and won that show. He became a celebrity in just a span of a year. And there were many more shows where the appearance of Johnny Ruffo was witnessed. He was kind-hearted enough to donate all his winnings to charity. Then it was in April 2013, when Ruffo was offered a part in the soap opera “Home and Away”, it was his breakthrough in the field of acting. He played Chris Harrington in the show. First, he was signed for 16 episodes, then it was extended. Home and Away’s last episode aired in 2016 then he had another window to go through. Eventually, Johnny became a successful actor with awesome shows.


Tumor Discovery

This was the last energetic year for Johnny as he suffered from a migraine shortly after that in 2017. Surgery was performed. After some time, Ruffo announced on his social media handles that he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He also mentioned getting treatment started as soon as possible. During this down period, he released a song “Broken Glass” which was very special and vulnerable for him. He became slow as he was diagnosed with cancer, he didn’t write many songs, and was off the books for quite a while. He was under the table as many would say. 


Personal Memoir 

Johnny Ruffo, with all that he’s been through, decides to write a book that showcases his life and tells his audience how life can be best at times and most depressing at times. He had himself experienced both aspects of this life and he intended to help people with his experiences and help them in the battle of cancer. He suffered from cancer and that is the most depressing thing for some people. He fought the cancer as much as he could, but the cancer overtook his life. He was best known for his role in “Home and Away” and as a finalist in “The X Factor” Australia. He went peacefully with the support of his family and friends. That’s what he said “Just the genuine ones were by my side in the wake of being familiar with my mind’s malignant growth, they assisted me with traversing with the cerebrum disease. They remained by me.” 



We would end this article by saying well wishes to the Australian Actor, Songwriter, Singer, and Presenter, Mr. John Patrick Ruffo. May he be resurrected well? Many of the celebrities including Danny Minogue, Casey Donovan, Guy Sebastian, and many more remembered Johnny in good words. They spoke well about him and were shocked till the end by whatever happened to him. He died at the age of a mere 35 years. 

He was a good person with some awesome work. He was inspired by MJ (Michael Jackson). He composed an astonishing book about his story to rouse individuals and inspire them with the existing illustrations he has learned. From everything to nothing, how a person is dependent upon the gift of health is a thing to understand and ponder. To end, we wish the family and friends of the deceased to be patient and accept whatever nature has written for them.

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