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All you need to know about the joke on Sidney Applebaum and SNL’s Stefon

BusinessAll you need to know about the joke on Sidney Applebaum and SNL's Stefon

The iconic joke referencing Sidney Applebaum has its origins in Woody Allen’s comedic masterpiece “Love and Death.” In this film, a French general humorously proclaims that his name will be enshrined as “Sidney Applebaum.” Woody Allen’s films are renowned for their witty non sequiturs, and the rest of the content is a delightful surprise for Bill Hader, who enters scenes armed with partial script knowledge. As a comedian, this anecdote undoubtedly tickled his funny bone. The audience’s laughter is a product of recognizing the movie line and its inside joke status shared between Hader and John Mulaney.

The effectiveness of this joke hinges on two factors:

  1. The Irony of Naming: The anticipation of a grand name for the Jewish Dracula, following the mention of “Blackula,” is humorously thwarted by the assignment of a commonplace Jewish name. This twist generates laughter, further fueled by the stereotype of Jewish people being perceived as conservative.
  2. Bill Hader’s Laughter: Bill Hader’s genuine laughter as he breaks character resonates with the audience. His tendency to crack up during performances is a well-known trait, making these moments all the more endearing.

Bill Hader and John Mulaney’s brilliance shines through their portrayal of the character Stefon on Saturday Night Live. The hope is that their dynamic will continue to flourish without diminishing over time. Hader’s moments of breaking character and succumbing to laughter are embraced by the audience, contributing to his reputation as an easily amused performer.

The film “Love and Death,” directed by Woody Allen, introduces the character Sidney Applebaum, who humorously asserts his name’s significance in French history. The humor stems from the contrast between grand personal legacies and the simplicity of an everyday name.

Decoding the Sidney Applebaum Joke on SNL

The charm of Allen’s movies often rests in their artful non sequiturs. Notably, the humor resonates with comedians like Bill Hader, but the audience laughs either due to their familiarity with the movie line or simply as an anticipated response.

In a candid interview, Bill Hader expressed his bittersweet departure from ‘Saturday Night Live.’ His laughter was triggered by the name “Jewish Dracula” Sidney Applebaum. The amusement doesn’t arise solely from the name’s intrinsic humor, but rather its association with a beloved trick from Woody Allen’s “Love and Death.” The humor’s charm lies in the personal nature of the reference, where a character muses about how his name will be remembered.

The Legacy of Sidney Applebaum

The legacy of Sidney Applebaum, co-founder of Rainbow Foods, is a tale rich with history. Born to a lineage of grocers, including his father Oscar Applebaum, Sidney’s early years were filled with door-to-door sales and deliveries. His entrepreneurial journey led to the establishment of the Applebaum, Big Top Liquors, and Sid’s Discount Liquors Foodbakets supermarket chain. Additionally, he co-founded Rainbow Foods supermarkets and held the position of president until 1997. Sidney Applebaum maintained a disciplined routine, starting his day at 4 a.m. until just before his peaceful passing.

In Memoriam: On August 6, 2016, Sidney Applebaum passed away at the age of 92. He left behind a legacy that encompassed diverse roles and facets. Beyond his role as a visionary grocer and entrepreneur, he served as a mentor and role model. His marriage to Lorraine Smith, which spanned 70 years, bore witness to the raising of their three children—Nancy, Jay, and Ellen. Sidney’s selflessness and generosity endeared him to many, and his joy stemmed from the happiness and growth of his family.

The Influence of Sidney Applebaum: From Comedy to Legacy

Sidney Applebaum’s name has not only graced the comedic stages of SNL through the character Stefon, but it also marks a legacy of entrepreneurship and family. The humor and warmth associated with his name continue to echo through entertainment and history alike.

So whether it’s Sidney Applebaum, Sydney Applebaum, or even Cindy Applebaum, the name resonates with humor, history, and heartwarming stories. From SNL’s skits to the legacy he built, Sidney Applebaum’s name lives on in the hearts of many.

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