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Bengal Fighting Cyclone Hamoon: A very severe cyclone in the North Indian Ocean

Fast NewsBengal Fighting Cyclone Hamoon: A very severe cyclone in the North Indian Ocean

The Bay of Bengal is such that it experiences these storms and cyclones occasionally. But with the arrival of cyclone Hamoon, Bengal is taking precautionary measures as the intensity of the cyclone itself is severe. It is one that Bengal might not have experienced. We will discuss in this article the conditions of the cyclone, how far it is from the city area, and whether will it reach Bengal and take the test of the citizens. Read more to know about the severe cyclone which is now at the moment hovering above the Indian Ocean. 


Latest Update

Cyclone ‘Hamoon’ as we mentioned earlier has become a very severe cyclonic storm, it now lies close to Odisha, Bangladesh, and Bengal, the IMD said in its latest update on X (also known as Twitter) on Tuesday. IMD stands for Indian Meteorological Department, it is the agency responsible for all weather forecasting, observations regarding natural disasters, and meteorological-related subjects. 

The predictors have given hope that the cyclone is going to gradually weaken as it has been at the peak for a few days. But the residents at the coast were ready and are still ready to evacuate just in case anything goes wrong. Authorities also suspended different cargo operations until the storm calmed down. South of Bengal was also in danger so the operations there were cancelled as well. By morning, reports suggest that the Hamoon is going to weaken further and the speed of the cyclone is going to be reduced by 10 kmph soon. 


What could it Cause

If the cyclone hits the land and takes Bengal in its wrath, then what are the potential losses the people and the country, can go through. We are going to list a few in this paragraph. Firstly, if the cyclone was close enough to hit a public place, the government would take preventive measures and launch a red alert. This would make the people aware of the upcoming potential danger. After that, they would make shelters and places in which people and families would be safe. Especially in the low-lying areas where rain and water can easily reach. Authorities plan on moving these people to a nice and sound place.


Preventive Measures

The cyclone as it becomes closer to the Bengal coast raises more and more danger to the population and the natural resources. The government took preventive measures and made the evacuation and emergency systems in place. Just in case, cyclone ‘Hamoon’ intensifies and becomes a cause of the disaster. The transport of goods and people by sea was also shut down due to the alarming state. The latest news also shows that numerous deaths have occurred due to the uncertain weather conditions. More than 275 thousand people have been evacuated from the coastal areas of Bengal. This southeastern coast of Bangladesh is home to almost one million Rohingya refugees who fled from Myanmar. But the officials said that their homes and camps did not fall in the place where the cyclone took place. 


Depression of the Cyclone “HAMOON”

It has stopped the aggression and looks like nature has calmed down a bit, but not totally. Many forecasters and scientists suggest that the cyclone has calmed down. People and the areas are out of danger. But still, precaution is important. “The Hamoon upon reaching the Bengal and adjoining areas became really slow and depressed. The cyclone would move NE and decrease effectively”, IMD says in a post on Twitter (now known as X). These areas include Bengal’s South Assam and Manipur and the surrounding areas. Till Thursday, the rain must decrease.


Solidarity and Unity of Community

In these types of situations, crisis management is effective only when the community is willing to cooperate. If the people and community lose hope and panic, nothing will go nice. So in that case, the community must be strong, take care of each other, help each other, and cooperate with the disaster management agencies as much as possible. This Cyclone Hamoon will be a great test on the people of Bengal and its surrounding areas. They need to show unity and solidarity and remain as calm as possible.



As Bengal is going to face a natural disaster, the focus of the government is on preventive measures, evacuation operations, and disaster management. The cyclone has not caused much and is already slowing down, that is some great news for the Bengal people. Many areas were going to be affected if this cyclone “Hamoon” would have made it. The challenges that these people experience are going to make the people stronger and give them hope to recover smoothly. This story is a life-changing event for all of us around the world, we must learn from experience, handle things in a more organized manner, and always hope for the best.

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