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Houston News: Drake’s New Texas Ranch in Houston

Fast NewsHouston News: Drake's New Texas Ranch in Houston

In recent Houston news, the renowned Canadian artist Drake, often simply known as Drake, has made headlines with his latest acquisition—a sprawling ranch in Houston, Texas. This move by the chart-topping musician has piqued the curiosity of fans and locals alike.

Drake’s Home in Houston

During a break from his All A Blur tour, Drake took a moment to share his excitement about his new Houston home. In a video that was originally posted on his Instagram, but has since been removed, he is seen enjoying a leisurely ride in a golf cart around the expansive property. What catches the eye is that this isn’t just a house; it’s an entire ranch.

Drake in Houston, TX: A Closer Look

In the video, Drake playfully adopts a faux country accent as he exclaims, “Me and my partner have gone country on y’all, man. We’ve been talking about it for years, and today we’ve made it happen. The sale is complete.” It’s clear that Drake is embracing the ranch life in Houston.

The Drake Home Experience

Apart from the ranch itself, the property boasts an impressive 10 horses, with four of them already calling it home. According to Drake, “People need a nice place for their horses to stay.” The ranch also features a well-maintained fenced-in corral and a picturesque grove of majestic oak trees in the background.

Drake’s Affection for Houston, TX News

Drake’s fondness for Houston is well-documented, and his new residence in the heart of Texas has solidified his connection to the city even further. Fans are eagerly anticipating what’s next for Drake in Houston, TX. Could we see him making appearances at events like RodeoHouston, or perhaps joining a traditionally Black Trail Ride? As Drake himself says, “ain’t no tellin’.”

So, in this Houston news update, we’ve learned that Drake’s latest move has transformed him from a visitor to a part-time resident of Houston, TX. As he immerses himself in the ranch life, Houstonians are left wondering what exciting new developments the future holds for the artist in their vibrant city.

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