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‘Joan’s Place’ Affordable Housing Project in London Secures $8M in Provincial and Federal Funding

Fast News'Joan’s Place' Affordable Housing Project in London Secures $8M in Provincial and Federal Funding

London, Ontario, September 12, 2023 – Joan’s Place, an innovative affordable housing endeavor in London, Ontario, is set to receive substantial financial backing from provincial and federal sources. This development will provide a safe haven for young mothers and expectant mothers at risk of homelessness.

Long-Term Vision and Fundraising Efforts

  • Nine Years in the Making: The Joan’s Place project traces its roots back nine years when the vision was first conceived.
  • Seven Years of Fundraising: Official fundraising commenced seven years ago, demonstrating long-term dedication to the cause.

Honoring Joan Smith’s Legacy

  • A Grateful Tribute: The decision to name the housing facility ‘Joan’s Place’ pays homage to former Ontario solicitor-general Joan Smith and her family’s steadfast support.

Comprehensive Support for Youth and Families

  • A Unique Model of Care: YOU CEO Steve Cordes emphasizes the collaborative effort involving focus groups, community input, generous donations, and government funding to create a holistic support system. This model encompasses deeply affordable supportive housing and a range of programs.

Federal and Provincial Funding Commitments

  • Federal Support: London North Centre Liberal MP Peter Fragiskatos announces the federal government’s commitment of $4 million.
  • Provincial Backing: Provincial associate minister of housing and MPP for Elgin-Middlesex-London, Rob Flack, pledges $3.9 million.

Addressing Homelessness and Housing Affordability

  • Distinct Challenges: Fragiskatos highlights the need for tailored solutions, differentiating between homelessness and housing affordability issues.
  • Collaborative Efforts: Addressing homelessness requires government partnership with non-profit organizations possessing the necessary expertise.

Shared Accountability in Housing Initiatives

  • Collective Commitment: London Mayor Josh Morgan underscores the importance of various stakeholders, including federal, provincial, and municipal governments, builders, non-profits, and financial institutions, coming together to address housing challenges.

Perfect Opportunity for Housing Solutions

  • Enthusiastic Endorsement: Rob Flack expresses enthusiasm for Joan’s Place, emphasizing its alignment with the need for practical solutions to the housing crisis.
  • Increased Funding: London receives a 62% increase in provincial funding for supportive housing, exceeding the provincial average.

A Vision of Inclusive Homeownership

  • Equal Opportunity: Rob Flack emphasizes the universal right to homeownership, regardless of life circumstances, and commits to ensuring housing for all.

Anticipated Opening in 2024

  • Future Prospects: Joan’s Place is slated to open its doors to the community in the fall of 2024.

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