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Mexico Acapulco Hurricane: Mass Destruction, Several Killed

Fast NewsMexico Acapulco Hurricane: Mass Destruction, Several Killed

The vibrant city of Mexico Acapulco Hurricane has experienced a devastating hurricane which has shaken the residents to the core. The hurricane caused great destruction and took ahold of 39 people. Hurricane Otis came at such a speed which destroyed homes and wrecked hotels, buildings, and businesses. Many casualties took place as the hurricane disaster occurred, damaging power lines, communication lines and finally leaving the residents incommunicado. These all events happening now in Mexico Acapulco Hurricane will be discussed descriptively in this article.


Multiple Lives Lost

The natural disaster, hurricane which occurred in Acapulco became a big tragedy for the residents of Mexico as it led to the loss of multiple lives. The loss of 39 lives as reported, by the Mexican authorities. This was a big heartbreak for the people all around the world and especially for the communities and families of the Mexican people of Acapulco. The reports of missing people have also been filed for almost 10 missing persons in the hurricane. 


Destroyed City

The immediate picture one can imagine after a natural disaster is the picture of destruction in the city. The city of Mexico is in ruins as the hurricane took with it the houses and turned streets into rivers. People have been facing with major issues such as transporting, living, food. These issues will be resolved once the authorities start acting upon the removal of excess water from the streets and provide aid in building homes of the lay people. The houses turned to rubble and were affected greatly by the hurricane. 


Communities Affected

By the obliteration of the storm, individuals were left sorrowful, and they were profoundly shocked by the annihilation of homes. Individuals were grieving with each other, attempting to fathom the hugeness of the calamity. Individuals, in a squint of an eye saw a significant typhoon assuming control over the entirety of their assets with it. They weren’t ready for a tragedy like this. This storm made people suffer and it was a one great storm in the history of Mexico. The press has reported authorities saying, “We’ll get back Acapulco on it’s feet as quick as possible”. They will help its kin inside and out.


Evacuation in Emergency

The people from the city Acapulco start to evacuate their homes and residences as the storm closes in. The emergency forces by the government also come into action. The rescue operations start as the hurricane starts to shower the city of Mexico, Acapulco. The first responders of the spot try and empty the houses of people as the houses become destroyed. The families and children run away from the coast and take shelter as the hurricane intensifies. Thousands of police and rescue forces were assigned for the mission. The President himself would visit the city on Sunday and he had already sent his cabinet members to overlook the conditions of the city. 


Unity Among Masses

The people all around the city had become united during this catastrophic event. The communities gave each other moral and social support. Some also helped financially as much as they could, because recovery from such an event is difficult yet doable. The whole city joins in fortitude with the tempest’s casualties, the people who have lost their lives. The considerations and petitions of Acapulco’s inhabitants, as well as individuals around the world, are with them. In spite of the fact that Acapulco recognizes that it won’t get back to its previous self, the local area stays focused on encouraging energy and spreading great energies to elevate everybody in these difficult times. Some people emerge as heroes or beacon of hope for others so that they are motivated and be thankful for what they still have. 


Renewal of Acapulco

The process of renewing a city is not easy, Acapulco is a city that is full of beautiful, smart and intelligent people. The city can be renewed by reconstructing the buildings, plazas, houses, that is also a kind of renewal. But the real renewal which must take place is the renewal of hearts and minds. Suffering from a tragic incident such as the people of Acapulco have suffered can be a reason for the disturbance of the mind and soul. One must be positive, and people should be supportive so that one can be rehabilitated and become normal once again.



The conclusion would be that, as Acapulco suffers from destruction and its people by the hopelessness and as they mourn their dead. We must be supportive and pray for the people and help them in any way, shape or form possible. They have suffered but have united under the harsh circumstances. They have helped each other, and we must take great lesson from the people of Mexico. The road to recovery is hard but soon they will be on an everlasting journey of success.

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