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Starting and Growing Your Own Storage Unit Business

Starting and Growing Your Own Storage Unit Business


Thinking about owning a storage unit business? Explore the potential of running your small business from a self-storage unit and discover the advantages of this unique approach.

Why Choose to Own a Storage Unit Business?

    • If you’ve contemplated the idea of launching your own storage unit business from the comfort of your home but find yourself lacking the space to store your goods, consider the potential of a self-storage unit.
    • One of the key benefits is the clear separation between your home life and your business. No more cluttering your living space with boxes and equipment.

Ideal for Various Business Ideas:

    • Starting a small business can be both exhilarating and challenging, but using a storage unit as your storage unit business headquarters is often the best way to begin.
    • In the Blackpool area, if you’re looking to initiate your storage unit business, such as an eBay business, Etsy shop, or any other online venture, a storage unit at Self Storage might be your solution.

The Main Benefits:

    • No need for a separate office, allowing you to work from home.
    • No council tax expenses.
    • Minimal overheads, with just one simple monthly fee.
    • A clean, professional, purpose-built facility to store your products.
    • A fully staffed reception to handle deliveries and parcels.
    • Secure access and CCTV security for your peace of mind.
    • Convenient access for couriers, delivery vans, and trucks.
    • Free on-site parking.

Tailored for Businesses Involving Repair, Maintenance, or Cleaning:

    • If your storage unit business involves fixing, mending, or cleaning items, a secure storage unit can be the ideal workspace for your storage unit business.
    • Self Storage in Blackpool offers extended hours of operation, allowing you to work at your storage unit business‘ convenience and access stock whenever needed.

Upcycling Furniture Business:

    • The growing trend of upcycling furniture is an exciting opportunity. Our Blackpool storage facilities are perfectly suited to store both unfinished and completed pieces before shipping.
    • The facility is designed to facilitate easy shipping, and even allows you to invite customers to view items at your storage unit business.

Professions Requiring Document Storage:

    • If you’re considering professions like law, accounting, or business advising, you likely deal with a substantial amount of paperwork.
    • Storing these documents at home can become overwhelming. A storage unit offers a cost-effective and secure alternative for storing records and documents as required by law.


Starting and growing your storage unit business from a business storage unit presents numerous advantages, from cost savings to a dedicated workspace. Whether you’re selling online, upcycling furniture, or managing professions with extensive paperwork, a storage unit can be the key to your entrepreneurial success.

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