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The Cost of Employing a Live-in Housekeeper

BusinessThe Cost of Employing a Live-in Housekeeper

Hiring a live-in housekeeper can be a complex process, as it involves having the housekeeper reside with your family. Finding an ideal housekeeper willing to live and work within your home requires time and consideration. Once you’ve identified a suitable candidate, the topic of compensation arises, necessitating careful deliberation. This article explores various aspects of the process to help you make an informed decision. If you’re interested in purchasing trendy life-inspired shirts, visit oggytee.com.

Benefits and Scenarios for Live-in Housekeepers

There are numerous situations in which having a live-in housekeeper can be advantageous. They can alleviate your domestic workload, leaving you with fewer chores. If you’re a working couple with a baby or elderly parents at home, a live-in housekeeper can ease the strain by managing additional household tasks. Evaluating the pros and cons of having a live-in housekeeper can help determine whether it’s the right choice for you.

Additionally, if you’ve relocated to a new city and require domestic assistance, understanding the costs associated with hiring a live-in housekeeper becomes crucial. Choosing to move to a city like Brampton, known for its amenities and affordability, could be beneficial, particularly regarding the cost of employing live-in housekeepers.

Calculating the Expenses of Employing a Live-in Housekeeper

For standard housekeeping services, homeowners typically spend an average of $170. Cleaning service costs range from $40 to $80 per hour, varying by cleaner. If you require services like cooking, cleaning, and laundry, you can hire housekeepers on an hourly basis. However, if you need room-specific cleaning, charges may be calculated per square foot of your property. Generally, hiring a housekeeper can cost anywhere from $130 to $270, depending on the scope of work required.

With live-in housekeeper costs, you need to account for additional costs such as providing meals, accommodation, and utilities. Since they’ll be residing with you, ensuring they have all necessary amenities is vital. It’s advisable to establish working hours and responsibilities through mutual agreement, allowing you to create a consistent schedule tailored to your needs. On average, hiring a live-in housekeeper costs between $1250 and $2600 per month, equating to $30,000 to $60,000 annually, inclusive of room and board.

Live-in maid cost comes at a higher price due to their expanded duties compared to other housekeepers. Before hiring, clearly define expectations and tasks.

Common responsibilities of live-in housekeepers include:

  • Daily comprehensive house cleaning
  • Managing laundry, including washing, ironing, folding, and organizing
  • Changing bed linens and tidying bedrooms
  • Regularly sanitizing bathrooms
  • Cleaning and maintaining the kitchen, including post-meal cleanup
  • Organizing groceries and shopping for essentials
  • Potential gardening tasks if applicable
  • Additional tasks as agreed upon, such as pet care, childcare, or cooking

Factors Influencing Housekeeping Costs

The cost of live-in housekeepers or standard housekeeping services varies based on several factors related to your living situation:

  • Residence Size: The size of your home, including the number of rooms, significantly impacts the cost.
  • Household Members: More occupants usually lead to increased cleaning requirements.
  • Pet Occupancy: Pets’ presence necessitates more frequent cleaning and additional tasks.
  • Specialized Services: Some tasks, like wall cleaning or childcare, may incur extra charges.
  • Experience Level: Highly experienced housekeepers may come at a premium.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Live-in Housekeeper


  • Reduces household workload, enhancing the overall environment and organization.
  • Eliminates the need for regular commuting, resulting in more time and availability for tasks.
  • Accommodation and facilities provided to the housekeeper can be considered part of the compensation.
  • Availability of the housekeeper on-site for emergencies and additional tasks like childcare or pet care.
  • Potential to consolidate roles, as live-in housekeepers can handle tasks traditionally requiring separate employees.


  • As the live-in housekeepers will always be present at the home, the privacy of the family is frequently disrupted.
  • Affording housing for a live-in housekeeper can be too expensive and troubling for few families.
  • If a member of the family is not friendly with the live-in housekeeper, that can also be unsettling for both the housekeeper and the member.

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