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TikTok: What is the Firetruck Game? Why you shouldn’t agree to play it

EntertainmentTikTok: What is the Firetruck Game? Why you shouldn't agree to play it

Amidst the popular “97 per cent” trend on TikTok, a concerning game has surfaced. So, what is the Firetruck Game?

In the wake of the tragic murder of Sarah Everard in the UK, women have been using social media to shed light on the daily struggles they face. Among these discussions, the Firetruck game has emerged as a troubling form of harassment that one should firmly decline to participate in. Here’s why.

The “97 per cent” TikTok trend explained

The “97 per cent” trend has gained momentum on TikTok, effectively spreading a critical message across social media platforms.

A March 2021 report by UN Women UK revealed that a staggering 97% of women aged 18-24 have experienced some form of sexual harassment, highlighting the widespread nature of this issue among the UK’s female population.

Even more troubling, the study found that over 96% of women who encountered sexual harassment chose not to report it, believing it wouldn’t lead to any meaningful change.

With the surge in popularity of the “97 per cent” trend on TikTok, a game that can be used for sexual harassment has emerged, known as the “Fire Truck Game.”

What is the Firetruck Game?

While the Firetruck Game is historically associated with a black-and-white 1978 arcade game, its modern incarnation is entirely different and deeply concerning.

The Firetruck Game typically involves a man and a woman. The man asks the woman if she wants to play the “Fire Truck Game,” during which he proceeds to touch her body without her consent until she says “stop.”

The most alarming aspect of this game is that when the woman says “red light,” the man is expected to respond with, “Fire trucks don’t stop at red lights,” and continue touching her without her consent.

Why you shouldn’t play the Fire Truck Game


While the Fire Truck Game may initially appear harmless, it can quickly escalate into a form of sexual harassment.

Female social media users have rightly identified the Fire Truck Game as an early form of sexual assault that has been inappropriately normalized, particularly among younger individuals, including school-age children.

It’s crucial to understand that the Fire Truck Game is not a game at all; it’s dangerous and constitutes a form of sexual harassment. Let’s collectively work to stop normalizing such behavior.


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7. Are there legal consequences for engaging in the Firetruck Game or similar activities?

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