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X’s New Subscription Plans. (Basic, Premium+). All You Need to Know

TechX’s New Subscription Plans. (Basic, Premium+). All You Need to Know

In today’s modern age, X’s New Subscription Plans and subscription-based services have become an important part of our lives. From news outlets and software to streaming platforms and music services, all are based on subscriptions. A subscription offers convenience, and steady revenue generation for companies, and offers access to unlimited and exclusive content. As many of you know, X (Twitter) just launched their new subscription plans: the basic and the premium+. We will be discussing, their perks, the pricing, and a lot more. So stick around till the end.

Basic Plan of X

The basic plan is designed for those people who want access to X’s core services and doesn’t want to break their banks. X has designed this plan at a fairly low rate so that it could cater to a larger group of audience rather than that of premium+, which we will discuss later in this article.  Now let’s discuss the features and pricing of the basic plan.


The first and most significant part is the valuing. The fundamental arrangement begins at just 3 USD each month, which is an incredible cost considering the highlights they offer.

Access to more than one device

Another important feature that the basic plan offers is that one can access their subscribed, X account to more than one device. It includes phones, tablets, computers, and all.

Core features

Once a person subscribes, they will get access to the primary services of X, which includes basic account management tools and a standard content library, and a lot more.

If you think that after paying a bit more, you will go ad-free, you are wrong. You will still keep getting the ads, after intervals of time. They wanted to make this plan budget-friendly for both the users and the company. So, they had to take this step.

Enjoy content offline

One of the most amazing highlights of this plan is that it offers the downloading of the substance. This component can become helpful, particularly in a distant region with restricted or no web access.

Premium+ plan of X

On the off chance that you have a touch of money lying around, a top-notch premium plan is the best approach. It is a piece costly, however, it opens significantly more highlights for you to appreciate. It incorporates every one of the elements of the fundamental arrangement. Also, it incorporates highlights like an ad-free encounter, 4-K streaming, and substantially more. Details of the features are as under:

Ad-free experience

This is the element that is simply accessible to the premium users. This element is simple. The user can watch and enjoy the X, without any interruptions of ads.

Upgraded and exclusive content

If you are paying higher, you definitely will get some perks. The most important one is the exclusive and upgraded content in your feed. Not only that, you also get early access to special events and new releases.

Customer support will give you priority

If you buy the premium, you will get the best and the most advanced response from customer support. And your problems and issues will be kept prior, to that of the basic and normal users.

Price of the premium+

The price that you need to pay for premium+ is just only 16 USD. It is a bit expensive, but looking at the features it provides, it kind of is worth it.

Multiple users at once

This is another feature that shines among others. This is the feature in which a lot of users can use the premium plan at once. Each can set their profile preferences according to their taste. And enjoy the premium perks.

Which plan is best for you?

This is an inquiry that relies upon many variables. Counting your spending plan, utilization, kind of satisfaction you like, number of clients, and significantly more. After you sort out every one of these you can without much of a stretch select the arrangement that accommodates your depiction the best. On the off chance that you have a decent spending plan, most likely you ought to go for the premium+ choice. As it has more users, better video quality, better client service, and by and large better insight. In any case, if you have a restricted spending plan, you ought to go for the basic plan. Which is likewise a decent choice.

Conclusion X’s New Subscription Plans

In conclusion of X’s New Subscription Plans, we would like to say that, you should opt for the plan which suits you the best. These are just the options that the management of X has given for the flexibility of the users. On the off chance that you can’t bear to purchase the premium or the fundamental arrangement, basically continue to utilize the X. It actually will be pretty much as fun as it used to be.

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